About Us

Welcome to Crystal City 47 School District! Our mission is to recognize the potential within students and prepare them intellectually, physically, and socially to be productive and contributing members of society.

Crystal City Schools are always looking for qualified substitute teachers. If you are looking for part time work and like working with kids fill out the application under 'employment opportunities' so we can get you on the list.
Individuals with valid Missouri teaching certificates who wish to substitute teach in a school district are no longer required by DESE to apply for a substitute certificate. 
Please review the process from the DESE link.

An important letter regarding FREE breakfast & lunch!

 Reminder: Due to covid restrictions, spectator seating will be limited at all Crystal City hosted athletic events. There is a pass list provided for student athletes each week to sign up guests for attendance. Unfortunately those not on the attendance list will not be permitted to enter. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation. 

Congratulations to Laura Bopp, who has been named as an Emerson's Excellence in Teaching Award honoree! We are proud of Laura for her exceptional talent and dedication to our students and their education!


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